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Ride of Your Life

by Saints of Havana

We are Saints of havana


Saints of Havana is a powerhouse band based in Nashville, Tennessee who have been raising eyebrows and garnering thousands of fans as well as the respect and admiration of the Country Music Industry. Signed by George Strait’s Manager, Erv Woolsey in 2013, the Saints stand poised to take their sound to a worldwide audience.

Saints of Havana always emphasizes the quality of each song, focusing on memorable music and meaningful lyrics. To add to their already massive live performance appeal is the poignancy of the “Saints of Havana” story. Their history bonds together two brothers, Cuban immigrants, and an all-American, blonde-haired, blue-eyed front-man, destined to jointly epitomize the definition of “The American Dream”.

On stage and in recording studios all over Nashville, the Saints of Havana sound is reminiscent of the great 70's era bands. Singer, Aaron Shea, along with the talents of Rey and Cesar Montecristo, combine the hard-learned lessons of their often difficult childhoods and their experiences as self-made men. The result - an adrenaline-filled, beautiful and heartfelt message, delivered through music.

The Saints of Havana welcome all with smiling faces and a sincere demeanor. Stop by and say hello to this unforgettable Nashville band. They are sure to welcome you to become a part of their vision and ever-evolving human experience.

Lead Vocals / Aaron Shea (more about Aaron)
Guitars/Keyboards/Backup vocals / Cesar Montecristo (more about Cesar)
Bass/Backup vocals / Rey Montecristo
(more about Rey)


Saints of havana Tour

To see the details for a show, click on the title. More shows will be added as they are confirmed. Please return to this page for frequent updates or "track us" through our BandsinTown account by clicking on any of the dates below. 


Q: What musical influences do the guys have as a group? Which artists have been important to them as songwriters, musicians and performers?
A: There are too many to list here. If you click on the individual bios of each member on "The Band" page, you can learn more about their influences.

Q: When did Saints of Havana officially become a band?
A: Back in the early Summer of '08, the trio met together and quickly realized they had something special. Their chemistry, both musically and personally, was apparent from the very first time they jammed. Soon after, they began developing their sound by composing and rehearsing often.  It was during that time when the band gained momentum and now is running on all cylinders.

Q: How did each member discover that they had a gift, as well as a love of music?
A: Aaron, Rey and Cesar all discovered their gift and passion for music at a very early age, as well as an affinity for other arts. To learn more about each member, please click on the individual bios of each member on "The Band" page. 

Q. Do Saints of Havana write their own songs? 
A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions by media and fans, alike. Saints of Havana has found a good balance by writing many of the songs they perform, but also are blessed with the opportunity to co-write, as well as receive songs from some of the best songwriters in the business.      

Q. When will Saints of Havana be touring?
A. The Saints tour all year round and announce their shows on social media, the "Tour" page on this website and through BandsinTown. Click here to track them through your BandsinTown account. 

Q. Does the band have T-Shirts or other type of merchandise available for purchase?
A. We currently have one T-Shirt available on the Merchandise page. Click here to order yours. As soon as more merchandise is available in late spring of 2015, we will make more announcements on our social media accounts.

Q. Will Saints of Havana have songs available on iTunes?  
A. Yes. Select new recordings will be available on iTunes soon. Stay tuned for updates on this and other exciting developments by checking the "News" page and staying connected to us through social media.